Welcome to the Web site of the Messier Group-- an information resource designed to help you learn more about personal finance, insurance and investing. Take a minute to surf the site and browse through the wide variety of financial tools and information. There are financial calculators to help you develop a clearer picture of where you stand and where you're headed. Visit the Learning Center to find articles and newsletters addressing every financial topic imaginable. Don't miss the E-Seminars, ten minute videos designed to answer questions like:

  •  "Will I Have Enough Money to Retire"?
  •  "Can I Expect to Receive Social Security"?
  •  "How Much Will Long Term Care Cost When I Am 70 or 80 Years Old"?
  •  And many more!

You will also find a location for you to check your account balances and manage your investments whenever you choose.

Do not miss our newest custom page, The Health Care Forum. Whether you are under 65 or over 65 you will find several resources to help you assess your health care needs and find solutions. Here you will find links to web sites that will assist you in determining Obamacare's impact on you. You may also review quotes and benefit summaries for a wide variety of ACA compliant plans with carriers like Wellmark and Coventry.